Testing the App – Part 2

In this second part regarding tested, we will go through the next fours tasks which took place in the testing phase. In the previous blog post, three of the four test were successful, therefore 75% of the testing was successful. In this post, the following tests will be conducted:

  1. Checking the notification on different devices once an event is nearing.

Following the test that events are successfully parsed from the database, in the test, we made sure that the notification is shown 2 days before the event takes place.

This test was successful.

2.   Checking access to the TiBi facebook page.

This test was used to make sure that the TiBi official Facebook page is shown in a webview when the fragment is loaded. Most of all, we made sure that the latest updates are also being shown on the Facebook page and parsed into the application to be shown to the users.


This test was successful.

3.   Checking that an email is sent to the correct address when providing feedback.

When sending feedback to the administrative team, we needed to make sure that the details would be sent correctly and that the email would be processed to the correct address. In this test, we also made sure that the app is able to connect to the internet and raise an exception if not. Both tests were successful.

4.    Checking that the location of the selected event is viewed correctly on the map.

A final test makes sure that the map is updated to show the correct geolocation of the event once an event is clicked. We made sure that the map was updated once the event location changed. This test was successful too.

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